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Postpartum with Jackie J

Postpartum with Jackie J

Everything you wanted to know and, most likely, things you didn't.
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Today on Natch, Jackie continues her epic birth saga with the final installment: postpartum: everything you wanted to know and, most likely, things you didn’t! She spares no detail in the immediate aftermath of birth, the hospital experience, the hormones, the sleep deprivation, and the depression. It gets REALLY real on this episode. For a list of everything mentioned, visit 
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Comedian and beauty expert Jackie Johnson explores the self care space while laughing, yelling, singing, and keeping things cruelty free. Jackie gabs with celebs, makeup artists, indie brand owners, and fellow funny folks about what beauty and self care mean to them (as well as what’s in their bags!). Grab your neck cream and join her as she takes the seriousness, mystery, and intimidation out of this robust topic.
Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Funny, informative and catchphrases galore!

Love this podcast so much! Jackie is vibrant and funny. If you don't like strong women who hold their own, value female friendships, are loud, hilarious and are cruelty free and or vegan, then move a-looooong hunNEE!