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Episode 178: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Isaiah

Episode 178: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Isaiah

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In this episode of the Bible for Normal People, Pete Enns continues his habit of ruining things for everyone. Today’s topic is the book of Isaiah, and Pete shares five fun facts that biblical scholars like to talk about that will ruin your life—probably not. We’ll see.
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A weekly podcast talk show having serious talks about the sacred book. Hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas.

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Insightful and refreshing

So many insights and interesting conversations about the bible and everything that is related to that. I started with questions and stumbled upon this podcast. I found many answers and realised I am not the only one with seemingly “inappropriate”questions.
Absolutely great!
All the best from the Netherlands!

Sooo nice.

An absolute joy and a true blessing.
And the sound quality is extremely good.
I hope they keep sharing the wonderfull Gospel in this way for a long time.
Much appreciated by a Dutchman in Holland.