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Training talk and Tokyo 2020 with Nate Wilson | EP#303

Training talk and Tokyo 2020 with Nate Wilson | EP#303

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Nate Wilson is the coach of triathletes Flora Duffy, Olympic Gold Medalist from the women's individual event, and Kevin McDowell, 6th in the individual event and silver medalist in the Mixed Relay with the United States. Nate has an extensive background in the world of professional cycling, and is currently also the Professional Cycling Performance Manager of the World Tour team EF Education First. On this episode, we discuss Nate's views on training and coaching, and specifics around how Flora and Kevin prepared for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.   
-Nate's coaching and training philosophy
-Balancing blocks of intensity and blocks of aerobic training
-Tapering for the Olympic Games
-Heat preparation for the Tokyo heat and humidity
-Flora's run volume to run one of the fastest women's triathlon 10k:s in history
-The art of coaching
-Nate's top tips for amateur triathletes and endurance athletes
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