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032 Cartesian Similarity Metrics

032 Cartesian Similarity Metrics

L1/L2 norm, Manhattan, Euclidean, cosine distances, dot product
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Normed distances link
A norm is a function that assigns a strictly positive length to each vector in a vector space. link Minkowski is generalized. p_root(sum(xi-yi)^p). "p" = ? (1, 2, ..) for below. L1: Manhattan/city-block/taxicab. abs(x2-x1)+abs(y2-y1). Grid-like distance (triangle legs). Preferred for high-dim space. L2: Euclidean. sqrt((x2-x1)^2+(y2-y1)^2. sqrt(dot-product). Straight-line distance; min distance (Pythagorean triangle edge) Others: Mahalanobis, Chebyshev (p=inf), etc Dot product
A type of inner product.
Outer-product: lies outside the involved planes. Inner-product: dot product lies inside the planes/axes involved link. Dot product: inner product on a finite dimensional Euclidean space link Cosine (normalized dot)
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Fantastic series. Excellent and clear explanation. Also for non tech

Navah Hochstein
Fascinating course and podcast series.
Explaining it all in a very clear way. Especially for people that are not computer programmers - they can also understand the material in a very good way.
Thank you so much for making the series

Really good pace

This is the first source I use for machine learning and so far the pace is very inspiring and stimulating. Please continue. Finished episode 4 now.

Great machine learning podcasts

Mike Breda
I am a master AI student. This podcats are great, finally I can really undertand some parts of my studies better. The top-down approach in the podcast is fantastic.

Your Teaching Style

You’re such a great teacher! Thanks for making these!:)