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#233 Changemakers with Neil Laybourn

#233 Changemakers with Neil Laybourn

Tijd: 14:33
In this special episode of the Squiggly Careers x Changemakers podcast, Sarah talks to Neil Laybourn who is leading change in mental health. Neil co-founded the charity Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma, a mental health charity supporting young people. Neil is also an ambassador for Mental Health UK. Together Sarah and Neil talk about the pivotal moment that proved to be a catalyst for Neil's passion and commitment to mental health and where his work has led him over the past few years. Neil shares what has helped him to create change, as well as what has helped him through the hard times.
This podcast was created with support from LinkedIn and their changemaker campaign.
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Squiggly Careers is a weekly podcast that will help you take control of your career development. Hosted by the founders of Amazing If (, Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper, together they cover all things work: from how to manage stress and overcome your confidence gremlins to micro-aggressions and discovering your strengths. Each episode is full of ideas, actions, hints and tips that you can put into practise straight away. 
Once a month they take a break from talking to each other to interview other people who are leading the way in making work better. Past guests include entrepreneur and philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley, author of The Joy of Work Bruce Daisley and neuroscience expert Amy Brann. 
The Squiggly Careers podcast has been recommended by Stylist, Marie Claire and Management Today.
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