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Dr. John Lieurance - Achieving and Sustaining Peak States

Dr. John Lieurance - Achieving and Sustaining Peak States

What do endo-nasal balloons, suppositories, methylene blue, and cerebrospinal fluid have to do with psychedelics? In this fascinating and eye-opening discussion, Paul and Dr. John talk about some surprising tools of the chiropractic neurologist trade,..
Tijd: 1:10:52
Chiropractic neurologist Dr. John Lieurance and Paul Austin discuss some surprising ways to achieve our highest levels of function, with and without psychedelics.
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The Third Wave Podcast explores the many minds of the emerging psychedelic renaissance. Through conversations with thought leaders across various disciplines, we explore how psychedelics, when used with intention and responsibility, catalyze transformation on both an individual and collective level.
Are you a newbie fresh off an incredible first psychedelic experience? An experienced psychonaut with decades of use? Or just an interested bystander, curious about the relevance of psychedelics to health and wellness?
Regardless of your why, our podcast gives you a unique look into how psychedelic substances change culture and society for the better.

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Amazing podcast where different approaches such as scientific, medicinal, shamanic and personal experiences towards psychedelic substances are combined to shed light on, and inform the public about the bigger picture of psychedelic substances and the role they (can) play in our lives.