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Black Widow, Kids in Church, Sleep and Mars Exploration

Black Widow, Kids in Church, Sleep and Mars Exploration

In this episode: My review of ‘Black Widow’ Kids in Church The importance of sleep Mars Exploration Flightsticks and external SSDs Links: Patreon: Discord Server: Accessible to all my patrons,
In this episode:
* My review of ‘Black Widow’
* Kids in Church
* The importance of sleep
* Mars Exploration
* Flightsticks and external SSDs
* Patreon:
* Discord Server: Accessible to all my patrons, info on Patreon
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* Podcast – Father Roderick Weekly:
* Podcast – The Walk:
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Releasedatum: 14-8-2021 22:42:11


Father Roderick: a show about movies, travel, fantasy, TV, faith, sci-fi and minimalism.

Recensies van klanten

Not very daily

Maurice Bronts
This podcast replaces the shows the break and geek priest. Both really great podcasts. regrettably the daily breakfast isn’t very daily and the subjects he talks about not as geeky as in the previous shows.Personally I would really like to have him return to the break and geekpriest. The current focus on video, for me, isn’t progress.


A wonderful mix of culture, media, health, entertainment and faith. One of my go-to podcasts for the last few years


Gerben Janson
Father Roderick inspires everyone with his combination of news and religion. Stretching the helping hand in stead of the pointing finger. Keep up the good work!

Real Life Roderick

I live in Holland, in Amersfoort, where Roderick works as priest. When he is in the church in my village (Hooglanderveen) I'm always very excited to go to church and see him...
Roderick is a very sympathetic person!
14-year-old Dutch girl :P


Combining information about the catholic church, connections between religion and games/movies and ofcourse an overview of everyday life makes this podcast the most enjoyable and mind-opening podcast I've heard in a long while.
Keep up the good work,

Wonderful person....Cool dude

I enjoy listening to Father Roderick's podcasts. He is a wonderful person and I called him once a cool dude. Even for someone who isn't a catholic (I am Buddhist), he is very inspiring.


Life is beautifull! Listening these shows makes you happy!

This is GREAT

Inge L.
I can't believe I didn't leave a review for this one. Don't be fooled by the 'Breakfast with a priest' tagline. It's not about cheesy and boring religious stuff, but about movies, tv series, games, geek stuff and everything in between. And sometimes he answers a question about Catholicism. Nevertheless, GREAT podcast, also for non-Catholics or even non-Christians.

inspirational and entertaining

Gerben Camp
With his mix of religious and non-relious topics and the links between them, Fr. roderick serves us a breakfast to die for :-). It's always a joy to listen to a Daily Breakfast episode, even when the topics do not immediately address my interests.

for everyone

Fr. Roderick is from holland and he is great. For a year I think i'm listening to his podcasts and I really love it. I'm only 17 years old and I think that is the power from Fr. Roderick that he is for everyone. if you are a teenager or you are 80 years old it makes no differents .He will discuss everything that you like, not only very hard things from the bible but also movies and computer games. So start listening and you will experience it for yourself


Linda from Memphis
Fr. Rodericks best show! It is a great show anywhere (I listen to it in the train). It is about almost everything, and the show is so funny! I am totally addicted. It's a great show to listen, give it a try!

The daily Catholic-Insider podcast great for (non)Catholics

A great podcast from Father Roderick in The Netherlands. He has started a whole network around the DailyBreakfast.
Well produced and fun to listen. Stay up to date on what's happening in videogames, movies, TV, tech and the Catholic church.
Father Roderick is down to earth while at the same time lifting your spirits !

Very Inspirational

Dont be fooled by it's name, I usually listen to this show when i get home from work at 18:00 and it's very relaxing. But if you can listen to it to start your day I would certainly do that.
The enthusiasm explodes from this podcast by dutchman Father Roderick. Whether he talks about 24, Lost, Star Wars or Prayer, his heart in this podcast and it makes for a very inspirational listen !
Dont miss out on this one !

Great fan

Fr. Roderick's daily breakfast is one of the best produced podcasts there is out there. In half an hour he gives you a song, a news item he is fascinated about, and an update of his latest adventures (his view on the developments in the Lost series, the frustration while playing Need for Speed, his adventures when assembling an Ikea bookshelf, his daily running routine) and everything you always wanted to know but where afraid to ask about Catholics (a peculiar bunch...)! A truly down-to-earth priest. I can highly recommend it!