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The Premiership is back... and so are Saracens

The Premiership is back... and so are Saracens

Danny and Chris are on the sofa to review a busy weekend while Ugo's in a velodrome.
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Danny and Chris are on the sofa to review a busy weekend of rugby while Ugo's in a velodrome. But more importantly, who caught the eye on the opening weekend of the Premiership? Saracens deliver on their return top-flight and Leicester continue to impress. There's also a look at the United Rugby Championship which starts this weekend and the brave new world of expected points. Plus, Danny introduces Chris to the world of Uber helicopters.
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Ugo Monye, Chris Jones and Danny Care dissect the biggest rugby union stories of the week

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Shout out for rugby club Dwingeloo (Netherlands)

Hi guys, I’ve been a listener to the pod since the early days, and still enjoy (5 stars) listening very much. Next weekend 60 players/old players from rugby club Dwingeloo will be traveling to new castle to celebrate the 45th anniversary of our beloved Rugby Club. A lot of the guys will listen to the pod this week in perpetration if the champions cup final. Therefor a nice shout out for the Rugby Club Dwingeloo 45th anniversary would be great.
If you want to know how to pronounce the name of our club and village DWINGELOO we kindly invite you guys to join us on the Sunday evening boat back to Holland from new castle to ijmuiden. Not a stag party, but we assure you it will be a great experience !
Hope to see you in New Castle,
Kind regards,

Gay teams in rugby

Hi guys,
Big fan of the pod, I listen every week, although I did put off the six nations de-brief as I’m still licking my wounds after England’s 5th place finish. Just finished listening to your sport relief special and your interview with the two lads from Manchester Spartans. Regarding gay teams in rugby: since moving to the Netherlands from the UK I joined Amstelveen RUFC (pronounced Amstel-vayn) who, I was interested to learn, have their own gay team called the Lowlanders. In fact, this summer the club and team are hosting the Bingham Cup. If you, or your listeners, don’t know what the Bingham Cup is or who it is named after - Mark Bingham - then I would urge you to look into as it is both a very sad and incredibly uplifting story. As mentioned, the tournament takes places in Amsterdam this year, starting on June 2nd and running until June 11th. In fact, I even have an apartment in central Amsterdam which you could crash in to record a pod if you wanted. While I don’t play for the Lowlanders, I am hugely proud to be part of such an inclusive club.
From Yarnbury RUFC in Leeds to Amstelveen RUFC in Amsterdam
p.s. I had to leave this as a review rather than send an email because I can’t find your email address listed anywhere!!

Best travel companions ever!!

In my travel/commute to work it is very entertaining to have your voices, discussions, expert opinions and generous laughs on my journey!! Keep up the great work guys, you are amazing!! Cheers, Andrea

Top pod in the flatland

You keep me entertained on my long runs through the Netherlands training for the Rotterdam marathon next year. And Ugo is bang on in his comments about good tackle technique to prevent injuries. Too many young kids trying to go for the big smash like they see on the telly. Go low and get your head on the right side