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Episode @007: WebAssembly with Brian Sletten

Episode @007: WebAssembly with Brian Sletten

Brian Sletten: @bsletten | 00…
Tijd: 44:45
Brian Sletten: @bsletten |
00:30 - Brian Sletten Introduction
02:01 - What is WebAssembly? Search=webassembly
Google Native Client (NaCl)
NaCl and PNaCl
11:58 - The Popularity and Attraction of WebAssembly
21:44 - Will WebAssembly kill the desktop?
33:00 - The Synergy Between Rust and WebAssembly
40:38 - Getting Started with WebAssembly, Additional Resources, and Advice
Twitter: #WebAssembly
Learn WebAssembly | PACKT Books
The Pragmatic Programmer: Programming WebAssembly with Rust
“Lin Clark WebAssembly” Google Search
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Releasedatum: 27-3-2019 16:46:49


Welcome to the first podcast dedicated solely to the practice of software architecture! In the episodes to come, we’ll discuss modern software architecture patterns and practices with the practitioners getting their hands dirty doing the work.

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