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Episode # 258 The Mask with Kelechi Ehenulo and Steven Geekface from So Geeked About Movies and Confessions From A Geek Mind

Episode # 258 The Mask with Kelechi Ehenulo and Steven Geekface from So Geeked About Movies and Confessions From A Geek Mind

Tijd: 36:20
Steven Geekface (So Geeked About Movies) and Kelechi Ehenulo (Confessions From A Geek Mind, Film Stories, VultureHound Magazine) return to Flixwatcher remotely to review Steven’s choice The Mask.
The Mask is a 1994 comedy starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz in her debut role. Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss, a hapless bank clerk who lives a very average and unremarkable life. Until he finds a magical mask which transforms him into a rubbery green-faced cartoonish alter ego. Acting as a sort of superhero, he begins to use his new found powers for fighting crime and general silliness.
The Mask was one of three films starring Carrey that came out in 1994 (Ace Ventura and Dumber and Dumber) and was the most successful commercially and critically. It also launched the career of Diaz. It’s mixture of wacky visuals and quotable lines made it a huge hit for cinema kids of the 1990s too.
Scores for The Mask from Steven, Kelechi and Kobi were strong on recommendability, less high from Helen though (not sad Jim Carrey enough). When combined with lower scores in the other other categories gave an overall rating of 3.52. S-ssss-ssss-sssss-smokin!
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More about The Mask
For more info on The Mask, you can visit The Mask IMDb page here or The Mask Rotten Tomatoes page here.
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