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20 Years

20 Years

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4 Rounds in the magazine ...
ROUND 1: The national debt ceiling will be reached in October. With the military as the biggest eater of money, we have some ideas on how to cut the mil budget without impacting readiness.
ROUND 2: Alcohol ban on the border for National Guard following string of incidents which the troops wont mind because theres plenty of things to do in the middle of the nowhere when it’s 100 degrees outside. It’s fine. Dont worry about them at all.
ROUND 3: “All available boats, this is the United States Coast Guard….”That’s how the message began on September 11th, 20 years ago this coming Saturday. From there an unprecedented rescue mission began in Manhattan.
ROUND 4: Afghanistan updates
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Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.

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