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Class, Culture, Race & Attachment, A Re-examination

Class, Culture, Race & Attachment, A Re-examination

Implicit bias in attachment science, how it affects our views of healthy secure human relating
Tijd: 43:34
Attachment science is one of the most empirically validated theories of human development and is considered by many to be biologically driven and universal. But how can psychological science developed by educated European scholars in the 50's not unintentionally have some implicit bias? Join us in re-examining our assumptions about healthy child development, maternal sensitivity and attachment "insecurity." It's an overdue awkward and highly imperfect conversation but exactly what we should be talking about today. More at
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Releasedatum: 27-4-2021 02:51:41


Two Austin therapists and their world-recognized guest experts break down modern attachment, relational neuroscience and trauma in a challenging but entertaining format designed to keep you off unconscious autopilot and moving towards closer connections.
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Sooooo good

These ladies are incredible

Super interesting and helpful

As a psychology student I started looking for a podcast on some interesting topics. This is the absolute most interesting podcast I found. I really love how Ann & Sue and their guests present these interesting topics and explain them so clearly. I often share podcast with my fellow students, teachers or even with non-psy friends, because they break the topics down so well. I just finished episode 98 and am still so enthusiastic about this podcast, so I finally subscribed as a Patreon to support these amazing women create more content! I can’t wait to continue with the next episode!

Life changing insights

This podcast is really the best. Not only is the information on attachment theory provided extremely useful and enlighting, the presenters are so good at explaining complex matter, giving examples, repeating important points, and their dialogue makes it all lively and light and enjoyable. I’m not overdoing it when saying that this podcast is helping me change my life. Big time. A must listen.