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Prepositions And ESL English Grammar Language Tips Ep 468

Prepositions And ESL English Grammar Language Tips Ep 468

Tijd: 12:19
Commonly Confused Verbs and Prepositions ESL English Grammar ✔Lesson transcript:
Learning English grammar in a simple and fun way. Today we are helping ESL students learn proper English grammar without getting too technical. We  use plain everyday English language, and walk you through lots of  examples and all you need to do is listen.
English is a wonderful language, but it’s not always easy to learn. There are countless grammar rules to remember and before you know it, people are using words like  prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions, and pronouns, and it all sounds  complicated.
Trying to learn  all the rules up front will be overwhelming for most ESL students. It’s  best to just focus on what you need. So the obvious question is what  English grammar do you need to learn first? Well, the fastest way of  working this out is to just listen to everyday English being spoken,  like today’s podcast.
In today’s English grammar podcast, we focus  on some common English verb and preposition combinations that have  different meanings based on context. Using simple everyday English, we  give you an opportunity to learn English grammar through listening.
If is a very big preposition.
⭐ John Major, Retired UK Prime Minister
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