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246 Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World Part 2

246 Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World Part 2

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In this week's episode, Steve and John are once again joined by the hosts of The Lubber's Hole podcast to explore Peter Weir's period epic, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, based on the Patrick O'Brian Novels. 
This conversation is, if anything better than the last one. 
If you haven't seen this incredible film you can buy or stream it right here.
And if you're a Patrick O'Brian fan a subscription to The Lubber's Hole is definitely in your future.
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Top movie podcast

S. Kuipers
Love listening to you guys talking in depth about movies and learning something every time! This definately is a must listen podcast for every movie lover! I Found the podcast through listening to John do the Top Ten already for years! Steve brings a lot of knowledge and research in every movie! Keep ik up, and I will be listening every week 👍🏻

One infectiously enthusiastic podcast

As of right now, my absolute favorite podcast I know of. If you're going to listen to an episode, make sure it's not too close to bed time, because you want to have the time left to immediately put on the film just discussed: these guys are infectiously enthusiastic.


I love it. They take you on a intelligent fun journey through the movie. Great stuff!

Great podcast

Very in-depth analysis of many classic movies. Even if you don't like the film (or not as much as they do) I feel they give interesting insights into why they do. Enjoyable all-around.

Great conversations on some of the best movies out there

Must listen for movie fans