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Why Expanding Your Capacity for Joy Expands Your Capabilities

Why Expanding Your Capacity for Joy Expands Your Capabilities

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Resetting your nervous system Choosing what to make time for Setting boundaries Rewiring your brain for joy   Resources: Get $100 off your first month of Talkspace by visiting and using code “HAPPY”...
Tijd: 12:30
Sometimes our routines turn into ruts and we don’t realize the ways they are sucking the joy out of us. I’m going to share how you can expand your capacity for joy by breaking free from your routine and experiencing new things.
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Ever wanted a business bestie and life coach that could follow you around, get you totally pumped and ready to take massive action on your goals? That’s exactly what Lori Harder and her guests will do. You’re going to learn the tools and strategies that are proven to help you grow yourself, your confidence, your income and your business! Each week you can choose from interviews, quickies and even a question and answers segment featuring YOU, the listener! You will learn how to market your business, navigate tough conversations, challenging family + friend dynamics and create the tribe you need in order to live your dream life. This podcast is a mix of the practical + spiritual and shares the raw truth about what it takes to EARN YOUR HAPPY.

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Absolutely love this podcast

I love Lori’s podcast. The episodes are packed with inspiration and knowledge. I love the ‘he said, she said’ episodes as well (I’m a big fan of ‘For the love of money’ too) because their conversations always give me a new perspective on things.
Keep doing what you do and thanks for lifting me up and inspring me to live an even happier life!