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More Frytful Scares

More Frytful Scares

Why do people like to be scared? asks Heidi.
Tijd: 29:00
It was a dark and stormy night. A secret message arrived addressed to Rutherford & Fry from a mysterious woman called Heidi Daugh, who demanded to know: "Why do people like to be scared? For example, going on scary amusement park rides and watching horror movies that make you jump.”
What followed was an investigation, which would test our intrepid duo to their very limits. They explore the history of horror, starting with its literary origins in the Gothic fiction classic 'The Castle of Otranto'.
Adam challenges Hannah to watch a horror film without hiding behind a cushion. She quizzes horror scholar Mathias Clasen to find out why some people love the feeling of terror, whilst it leaves other cold.
Sociologist Margee Kerr and psychologist Claudia Hammond are also on hand to explore why scary movies are so powerful and popular.
Then Rutherford and Fry investigate the more physical side of fear, when they delve into the history of roller coasters to investigate why we enjoy being scared.
Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the pair attempt to channel their inner adrenaline junkies with a trip on one the UK's scariest roller coasters at Thorpe Park.
David Poeppel from New York University studies the science of screaming, and we discover what makes screams uniquely terrifying. Plus, psychologist and broadcaster Claudia Hammond describes some early experiments which tested how fear affects our body.
This episode is a remake of two earlier broadcast episodes.
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Producers: Fiona Roberts & Michelle Martin
Presenter: Adam Rutherford & Hannah Fry
Aflevering-ID: 1000510334424
GUID: urn:bbc:podcast:m000sj8d
Releasedatum: 23-2-2021 16:30:00


Science sleuths Dr Adam Rutherford and Dr Hannah Fry investigate everyday mysteries sent by listeners.

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Informative and fun

Mixes interesting facts with relaxed conversation. Doesn’t go deep enough if you are really into science but a good intro for the rest of us!

Fun and informative!

Louise & Peter
We’re a science-loving couple listening in from the Netherlands and we truly enjoy this podcast, during our car trips! Thanks a lot! 😃👏🏻