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The Grey NATO - 160 - Travel, Survival, And Making Wild TV With Megan Hine

The Grey NATO - 160 - Travel, Survival, And Making Wild TV With Megan Hine

Thanks so much for listening! For the complete sh…
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Discussing watches, adventure, travel, diving, cars and gear. Hosts Jason Heaton and James Stacey break down their love for adventure, their addiction to watches, and the many forms both can take. Have a question? Let us know at

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Meticulously Mellow

Great Podcast from James and Jason, they have a wonderfully mellow and approachable tone even as they go crazy deep into the details of their chosen subjects.

One of the best podcast out there!

I love the content Jason and James deliver every other week. If you like “a loose discussion about travel, diving, driving and most certainly watches” this is your thing!

Great show

One of my favourite podcasts.

Great !

Great show, both of them can explain and discuss things in a very easy listening way and the interaction between those two are great.
Thanks guys, keep up the great work !

THE greatest show on watches

The watch face
I have been listening to the TGN from the beginning and loved every episode. Some of them I have listened multiple times. I often use it as reference if I seek to buy a particular watch. Both Jason and James a very relaxed and cool guys presenting and a pleasure to listen to. They know what they are talking about. The more recent episode a kind of funny as the show focuses on more adorable watches and I hear them talk about super cars. Not the best match. Rather learn more about old land rover series.