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Why Bother with Church?

Why Bother with Church?

It’s been called a lifeboat for forgiven sinners, a family for the lost, and a holy home for the broken. What is it?  The Church – the Body of Christ!  The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your commitment to a local church.  Discover how wonderful the church should be as Sam Allberry and Chris Brooks outline what the church is, why we need it, and why its time is now!
EQUIPPERS - Our next ZOOM MEETING is next Thursday, January 13!    REGISTRATION DETAILS ARE IN YOUR E-MAIL INBOX.  Not an Equipper and want to attend?   Become an Equipper Today
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Equipped with Chris Brooks encourages listeners to live to grow spiritually, think Biblically, and live compassionately in a world that desperately needs our Savior.

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