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154 - Taking The Long View

154 - Taking The Long View

It can be easy to get caught up "in the thick of …
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It can be easy to get caught up "in the thick of thin things" when our perspective is too narrow or zoomed in. When we take the long view, we learn to zoom out and see things from a different perspective. In this podcast episode, I will talk about taking the long view and also discuss the parable of the lute and the analogy of tuning the strings of an instrument.
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Releasedatum: 23-8-2021 22:59:44


A podcast for secular-minded people interested in learning about Buddhist philosophy and teachings.

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So helpful!

Looky Buur
Truly helpful to live more conscious and mindful. Thank you so much for sharing your views, experiences and knowledge ☘️

So good

Thank you!


Ri vd V
This podcast is amazing!