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The Knowing w/Serena Dyer Pisoni

The Knowing w/Serena Dyer Pisoni

Tijd: 45:53
On this episode @SriMati reaches across spiritual horizon to share truths with @serenadyerpisoni and to discuss her book The Knowing: 11 Lessons To Understand The Quiet Urges of Your Soul, written in collaboration with her sister Saje. 
Serena and SriMati discuss the legacy of Serena's father Wayne Dyer and marvel at our capacity to find peace within, returning us to a place where love, joy and abundance can be free flowing, even in times of adversity.
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Julie Piatt is the leader of the Water Tiger online community and the founder of SriMu artisan, plant-based not-cheese @SriMu. She is the author of books including The Plant Powered Way, with her husband Rich Roll, and This Cheese is Nuts. Her podcast offers spiritual musings on living a life embodied in our true, unique blueprint.

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