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Joe Satriani on the KLOS Subaru Live Stage

Joe Satriani on the KLOS Subaru Live Stage

Tijd: 31:52
It's two of our favorite guitarists on the Subaru LIVE Stage! Joe Satriani joins Jonesy's Jukebox to talk about his upcoming album, "Shapeshifting," Coronavirus + alien conspiracy theories, and what it's like to record music without any lyrics or singing!
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Releasedatum: 12-3-2020 21:30:00


Rock legend Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols hosts this 2-hour open forum show where the only rule is doing whatever Jones wants. Jonesy’s Jukebox encompasses everything from groundbreaking new music of his own personal collection to current topic discussions and guest interviews of all varieties with a living room conversation vibe. Past interviews include the likes of Johnny Ramone, Eddie Vedder, Brian Wilson, Pete Townsend, Iggy Pop, Robert Plant, Courtney Love, John Waters, Common, Gary Oldman, and fellow Sex Pistols member Johnny Rotten.

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