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Three scientists each present their idea for how to reduce sugar intake.
Tijd: 27:50
The recent Public Health England report on sugar reduction recommended that we slash the amount of sugar we eat to just seven teaspoons a day.
Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity have all been linked to high sugar intake. Treating obesity and its consequences alone costs the NHS £5.1m per year.
Jim Al-Khalili invites three scientific experts from different disciplines into the studio to present the evidence behind their strategy to reduce our sugar intake:
- Dr Peter Scarborough, a mathematician from the Nuffield Department of Public Health at Oxford has been analysing sugar taxes
- Prof Theresa Marteau, a behavioural psychologist from the University of Cambridge, studies the effects of portion sizes
- Jenny Arthur, Director of Innovation and Nutrition at Leatherhead Food Research is experimenting with the microscopic structure of sugar particles
Producer: Michelle Martin.
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GUID: urn:bbc:podcast:b06trd1z
Releasedatum: 7-4-2016 13:47:00


Jim Al-Khalili and guests work out how science can best be put to work to solve a pressing problem facing society.

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