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#98 MK

#98 MK

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Detroit-born Marc Kinchen, known commonly as MK, is one of the rare house producers to consistently innovate as well as achieve significant commercial success throughout his lengthy career, which stretches back to the late '80s. Initially appearing on Detroit labels such as Kevin Saunderson's KMS, he developed a highly unique style that combined the soulfulness of New York-styled garage with the energy of hard techno, as well as intensely cut-up vocal hooks. His work would prove to be a significant influence on New Jersey house deity Todd Edwards, as well as the entire U.K. garage scene. Throughout the '90s he achieved club success with several singles sung by Alana, collected on the 1993 full-length Surrender, as well as countless remixes for other artists, including the Nightcrawlers' seminal "Push the Feeling On," originally released in 1992. During the early 21st century, he worked closely with stars like Will Smith and Pitbull, then returned to house music as interest in his earlier work resurged during the early 2010s. He scored one of his biggest hits with his remix of Storm Queen's "Look Right Through," which topped the U.K. pop charts in late 2013. He then resumed releasing original tracks, scoring hits such as 2017's "17."
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