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Episode 9: Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child

Episode 9: Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child

How highly-sensitive children can often do better than their less sensitive peers.
Tijd: 24:34
Highly sensitive children are prone to all the anxieties and
vulnerabilities you’d expect. But what may surprise you is that when
it comes to health, peer relationships, academic outcomes, you name
it, these kids can often do BETTER than their less sensitive peers. On
this episode of Quiet, host Susan Cain explores exciting new
research about these so called "orchid children" -- kids who have more
trouble when conditions aren’t ideal, but in the right environment
 really bloom -- and she'll give you practical tips on how to
provide the fertile ground for your quiet child to thrive.
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Susan Cain, bestselling author of "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking," hosts this ten-part weekly series on parenting and teaching introverted children. Susan will dive into why quiet kids are unique and require different parenting and teaching methods from their extroverted peers. Susan and her expert guests will discuss how parents and schools can help introverts thrive, how social media allows quiet children to express themselves in ways that were never possible before, the neuroscience of introversion, and much more.

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