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Outside/Inbox: The Ramen Wasp Murders & Other Mysteries

Outside/Inbox: The Ramen Wasp Murders & Other Mysteries

What poisoned a swarm of ramen-loving wasps? Could life on Earth have started twice?
Tijd: 22:40
We introduce our new mailbag segment: the Outside/Inbox, where we answer your questions about the natural world.
This time: 
Question 1: What are those blue boxes sticking out of East Coast salt marshes?
Question 2: A bunch of wasps swarmed into my friend’s bowl of ramen and died. What poisoned the wasps? 
Question 3: Did life begin on Earth just once? Or could it have happened multiple times during the same period?
Question 4: If you ironed out all the mountains in a place like New Hampshire - how much bigger would the surface area of the state be?
Do you have a question about the natural world? Submit it to the Outside/Inbox! Send a voice memo to or call our hotline: 1-844-GO-OTTER.
Featuring: Gabrielle Sakolsky, Luke Steller, Jared Dyer, Debbie Maciecki, Larry Garland, and Russell Congalton
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Produced and Reported by Taylor Quimby, Jessica Hunt, Justine Paradis, and Felix Poon
Host: Justine Paradis
Edited by Taylor Quimby
Additional Editing: Cori Princell and Rebecca Lavoie
Executive Producer: Rebecca Lavoie
Mixed by Taylor Quimby, Jessica Hunt, Justine Paradis, and Felix Poon
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A show about the natural world and how we use it. We explore science, energy, environmentalism, and reflections on how we think about and depict nature, and always leave time for plenty of goofing off.
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Recensies van klanten

Amazing podcast!

Your stories remind me why I love ecology. And I giggle. Every. Single. Time. Y’all amazing!

Listen and learn

This podcast has the most interesting stories. Every episode I learn something new. It makes me think about the world in ways I had not before. Love it!

Power Lines should win an award

One of the best deeply reported, balanced, and creatively presented podcasts, and this series on Power blew me away. Great unfolding-audio-story-telling that charms you with observations of the small moments of interactions while revealing the interdependent / unanticipated relationships behind where and who our (electric) power comes from—focussing on Canadian hydropower. Good listening even if you don’t live in North America - legacies that have their versions in other parts of the world.

Very interesting

I love this podcast - it has interesting stories that are very well-told.