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Introducing: Mind of a Monster

Introducing: Mind of a Monster

Take a true look inside the mind of history’s most notorious serial killers—straight from the monsters themselves.
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ID has a new podcast for you to listen to. Introducing Mind of a Monster, based on ID's iconic TV show.
Mind of a Monster: Ed Kemper "The Co-Ed Killer" vs. Herbert Mullin, dives into the case of two serial killers operating at the same time in Santa Cruz, CA, and features jaw-dropping, never-before-heard audio recordings from the killers themselves. Dr. Michelle Ward speaks candidly with detectives, experts and witnesses involved in the cases to unravel the shocking investigation of the murders, and provides professional expertise on what might have led Kemper and Mullin to become two of the most notorious killers in history.
For even more Mind of a Monster, stream the specials on discovery+. Go to to start your free 7-day trial today.
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Have you ever wondered why the weirdest crimes happen in Florida, how a woman can fit a loaded gun in her vagina, or what would possess a suspect to turn himself in on Facebook? ID brings you the full story behind the most bizarre crime phenomena. WHAT THE CRIME?! explores the weirder, wilder, more obscure side of crime. Because the truth really is stranger than fiction...

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