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Episode 143 - It's A Hot Steep Christmas

Episode 143 - It's A Hot Steep Christmas

Episode 143 - It's A Hot Steep Christmas
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It's the holiday season - which means it's Christmas beers and quick tests that you can do. Drew tastes his way through the Crisp Heritage malts to demonstrate the hot steep malt evaluation method and help formulate what to do with these new/old malts!
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Episode Contents:
00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors
00:02:12 Announcements & Feedback
00:06:34 The Pub
00:25:27 The Brewery
00:52:49 Quick Tip & Something Other
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Come talk beer and beer science with some of homebrewing's favorite mad scientists. They'll explore the science of beer making and the art of fermenting the wildest and craziest things. It's like Mr. Wizard, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Click and Clack of Car Talk all met down at the local pub for a couple of pints! It's all about the homebrew with the authors of Simple Homebrewing and Experimental Homebrewing - Denny Conn and Drew Beechum

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