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Our Top 5 Players Ever & Beginning of Season Breakdown

Our Top 5 Players Ever & Beginning of Season Breakdown

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On today's episode, Michael and Chris talk about the NBA's Top 75 team and rank their five best players of all time. Then it's a breakdown of Thursday night's doubleheader (Warriors-Clippers, Hawks-Mavericks), a conversation about when Frank Vogel should bring Russell Westbrook off the bench, Knicks praise, and more!
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From the NBA draft to the playoffs and back again, Open Floor takes you on a ride across the NBA standings, laying out the latest news and rumors along the way and leaving no basketball conspiracy theory stone left unturned. Join hosts Michael Pina, Chris Herring and Rohan Nadkarni as they let their imaginations run free up and down the court and around the world. Welcome to the Open Floor Globe.

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Lifestyle, not basketball

Ten minutes into the podcast, and I’m hearing about this guy’s summer vacation in Paris and Slovenia. A waste of my time, really guys, I would have subscribed to Lonely Planet if I wanted trip reviews.

True win connoisseurs

The only podcast that will connect with you on LinkedIn as well!

Ben keeps asking me to do this

So here it is. 5 stars for this amazing podcast.

Made me fall in love with basketball

This podcast Made me fall in love with basketball and everything around it. I listen to it every week on my way to and from work. Perfect balance between informative, funny and not taking yourself too serious. Greetings from the Netherlands, Thom

Sharp and Golliver are awesome

Reddit's good
I listen to this podcast every week when I’m on the bus to work. As I watch the raindrops race each other down the glass windows of the bus, I hear the symphony of Ben and Andrew’s voices in my ears. The dynamics between Sharp and Golliver bring a smile to my face as I listen to the countless takes about Nikola Jokic and Ron Baker look-a-likes, the Taco Bell menu and Warriors unwatchability.
These two guys are like bread and butter: together they are amazing, but when one is not there, you really miss the other.
When Ben is on his umpteenth hike through the national parcs of the great US of A, one of his drone flights or fridge magnet hauls, all I can think about is Andrew desperately trying to message Ben about how bad Root Canal Reggie Jackson is.
But all is well when I hear the sound of a basketball going through the hoop at the start of a new podcast, immediately followed by Andrew’s soft and light voice saying: “Hello and welcome to another episode of Open Floor, I’m Andrew Sharp, and on the other line, Ben Golliver. What’s up man?”. And when I hear Ben’s low and calming voice respond “Not too much Andrew”, I know I’m in for a real treat.
Honestly, these guys really make my hour long bus drives a lot better, and I’d like to thank them for that.

Because u asked

One of my favorites, not hesitant to crap on eachother. Love it.

This + Lowe Post for your NBA needs

Fresh tester11
It's consistently informative, on point, and the hosts have fun chemistry.