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TTT 40 of n – Automating TMUX

TTT 40 of n – Automating TMUX

Tijd: 1:13:31
In this episode of Taming the Terminal, Bart winds up our series within a series all about the Terminal command TMUX. In this final piece he teaches us first how to string commands together to create the TMUX sessions we want with the screens split and the processes running in each pane as we like them. After teaching us how to string them together he shows us how to make a little script file we can run so that we can automatically open up our TMUX sessions exactly the way we like them.
This will be the last of our Taming the Terminal episodes for a while, but we'll be back after macOS Big Sur ships and is stabilized. In macOS Catalina the default shell was changed from bash to zsh and it does bring some changes to things we learned earlier in the series but it seems prudent to wait till we're over this big hump getting into Big Sur.
You can find Bart's tutorial shownotes over at
Don't forget, you can download the Taming the Terminal book at The book will be updated with this instalment shortly.
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Taming the Terminal is a series of tutorials teaching how to use OS X’s command line tool called Terminal.

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