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The C-Word: Amy Winehouse Part 1

The C-Word: Amy Winehouse Part 1

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Lena is back with Alissa Bennet to share another episode of their new podcast, The C-Word! It’s a chat show about women history loves to call “crazy.”
Recognized for her singular voice and iconic beehive, Amy Winehouse became a near-instant music legend as well as a tabloid mainstay in the 2000s. On the 10th anniversary of her death, Lena and Alissa discuss the singer-songwriter’s precocious talent, her rebellious teen years, and the beginnings of a bad romance that would fuel her later work as well as her addictions.
Other episodes of The C-Word are available on Luminary, a new podcast app, or by subscribing to the Luminary channel on Apple Podcasts. For the rest of The C-Word, go to or
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Lena Dunham hosts this podcast miniseries about friendship, love, work, bodies and more.

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Janneke K
I am obsessed with your podcast as you were with your Jewish rapper boy. 💜


Witty, charming, loving and incredibly intelligent - I could listen to this all the time! Thank you Lena!