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Case File 211-The Aztec UFO Crash

Case File 211-The Aztec UFO Crash

Tijd: 1:44:19
AUDIO ISSUES: Dan and Andrew both dropped audio on this one, had to use the backup.
In 2011 the FBI added a short one-page memo to their extensive online archive that sent waves throughout the UFO world. The memo, addressed directly to then-director J. Edgar Hoover, had been sent from the desk of the head of the Washington field office. The memo contained claims from a third-party source that the Air Force has recovered alien craft from the New Mexico desert. Not only had the military recovered crashed vehicles but also the memo had details of bodies that had been retrieved from inside the craft, as well. UFO researchers pored over these details and came to the conclusion that, although the details seemed to resemble the alleged Roswell UFO crash, the memo may actually have described an entirely different event from a book published in 1950 that contained claims from scientists who had worked on the retrieval of an approximately 100 ft craft almost 300 miles northwest of the infamous Roswell. This case file, join the Theorists as they lower themselves to the basest of base 9 discussing...The Aztec UFO Crash
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