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Neal Allen Interview

Neal Allen Interview

Neal Allen is a coach and writer who studies and …
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Neal Allen is a coach and writer who studies and practices traditional and contemporary spiritual paths. His private coaching practice blends standard psychodynamics with spiritually oriented methods. His earlier careers included newspaper journalism and corporate marketing for large public companies. The author of Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You, he lives in Northern California with his wife, the author Anne Lamott. We spoke about what he’s learned from Adyashanti, A.H. Almaas (the Diamond Approach) and other spiritual teachers, as well as his book, which focuses on “thirty-five abstract nouns of value - concepts like strength, will, and acceptance - show up as symbolic feelings in your body, for exploration by anyone.” Learn more about Neal Allen here:
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The spiritual landscape has never been more diverse, more eclectic, more individualized or more internally focused. Spirit matters, and in our open-source world, matters of the spirit are complex and endlessly fascinating. The Spirit Matters podcast aims to help listeners make sense of it all.

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