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E166 | Sips With Celebs: WWE Superstar Cesaro

E166 | Sips With Celebs: WWE Superstar Cesaro

With guest WWE Superstar Cesaro
Tijd: 42:32
What does coffee and professional wrestling have in common? You'll have to listen to find out.
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The Coffee Podcast is a podcast about coffee and people, hosted by Jesse Hartman. The Coffee Podcast unfolds the wonder behind coffee through conversations with people in and around the coffee industry. The show follows topics on sourcing, brewing, and roasting coffee but also dives deep into ethical issues with topics like coffee production and sustainability. Often, topics are nuanced in conversation with all the hands involved in making a delicious cup of coffee. Episodes were released weekly from Episode 1 to Episode 110. Now, new episodes are released in series every 4 months.

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