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201 The final episode???

201 The final episode???

The show is transforming into a YouTube channel, …
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The show is transforming into a YouTube channel, complete with video and special guests. You can find the new show here:
HOWEVER! Does this mean we should end the podcast? Well the B-Team may have other ideas. Listen to this episode and let us know if we should continue the podcast or just go all in on TKtv (the YouTube show).
The episode stars the B-Team!
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A community driven podcast about the stories we make while playing the games we love on, around, and under the gaming table. This podcast includes: stupid stories, a stupider host, dumb gaming news, elevator pitches for games, and some inside perspectives about running a game company. Join Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy (creators of the hit game "Two Rooms and a Boom"), along with a ragtag community of tabletop friends as they discuss pretty much anything that is remotely related to board games. You too can become a knight by emailing your own gaming story to!

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For anyone who likes boardgames (or fun)

The guys from Tuesday Knight Games talk candidly about boardgames, as well as the industry behind it, yet always manage to keep it lighthearted and funny. Highly recommended.