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Nash Edgerton (Filmmaker, Stuntman & Director of "Mr Inbetween")

Nash Edgerton (Filmmaker, Stuntman & Director of "Mr Inbetween")

Stuntman extraordinaire turned brilliant filmmaker Nash Edgerton tells me about his career and his approach to filmmaking.
Tijd: 49:10
Nash Edgerton tells me about how he and his brother Joel first fell in love with movies as kids and how he decided to become a stuntman. He shares how he started making his own mini-movie clips to help him get jobs as a stunt performer, and how this sparked an interest in filmmaking. This led to a handful of highly acclaimed short films and eventually, to his award winning feature film "The Square", music videos for Bob Dylan and Brandon Flowers and his second feature film "Gringo." We talk about meeting Scott Ryan after watching a screening of "The Magician" at a film festival and their subsequent collaboration on the phenomenal TV show "Mr Inbetween" (FX). Nash tells me about the importance of being fluid when directing, how he works with actors and how he prepares for each project.
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Releasedatum: 3-9-2021 19:00:00


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