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46: Data Science, Analytics & Privacy

46: Data Science, Analytics & Privacy

Tijd: 1:46:40
Drink: Japanese Whiskey, TALEA Sout Beer  |  Topic: Data Science, Analytics & Privacy
What are Data and Data Science? What do most businesses have in common when it comes to Data and Analytics? Why does privacy matter in the practical sense? Are we trending toward more privacy or less?
Aflevering-ID: 1000599425097
GUID: 18b63cb8-c75a-408e-9fb0-2c554cf5b8d3
Releasedatum: 13-2-2023 20:43:12


Conversations with developers, web professionals, engineers, designers, strategists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and all the other wonderful people who make the web every day, while having a drink or ten. Every episode features a different guest, a topic close to their heart and their favorite drink.

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