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I'm Pacing Myself

I'm Pacing Myself

Pushing Yourself Too Hard? If you're noticing yourself doing so much and now working against yourself, listen to "I'm Pacing Myself" The sister episode to this one is Episode 361 Looking for ad free versions? Go to   TODAY’S SPONSOR is...
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Pushing Yourself Too Hard? If you're noticing yourself doing so much and now working against yourself, listen to "I'm Pacing Myself"
The sister episode to this one is Episode 361 When You Need to Pause
Looking for ad free versions? Go to
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Episode 350 I Love Myself - 8 Year Anniversary Edition
Episode 300 Affirmations for Self Love II
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Episode 1 I Love Myself
HERE'S WHAT LISTENERS ARE SAYING 🙏🏻 “Josie's a saving grace. She literally has a positive affirmation for everything. When you don’t feel like getting up at all, she’s got a great positive affirmation.” – Gabrielle Union
"I’ve included this podcast into my daily routine for the past couple of months and she’s amazing!" - Shelly Ackah
"My go-to podcast when I need motivation and powerful affirmations.  Love the quick self-compassion and self-love affirmations by Affirmation Pod!" - Nihan Gorkem
"So grateful to Josie for helping me through the toughest of times!" - Christina Torres
"This is just my favorite podcast for stress and anxiety. This has helped me through many stressful situations over the past two years." - Reuel Rasheeda
You Are Worthy ❤️ Feeling down about yourself? Struggling with setting boundaries? Wishing you were better at managing your emotions and staying grounded in the present?
Very often, we lose ourselves in the darkness of our own judgment. We allow our inner critic to drown out our voice of self-compassion, and find ourselves in a downward spiral of negativity - yikes!
But imagine what would happen if you started speaking to yourself kindly. Imagine if you embraced all parts of yourself - even the work in progress parts - and welcomed an abundance of self love into your heart, body, and mind.
Take self love to a whole new level!👇🏻 Embark on your journey to self love with Affirmation Pod Premium. Through empowering playlists, guided reflections and more, Affirmation Pod Premium gives you access to over 300 ad-free affirmations, plus over 60 bonus episodes you won’t find on the podcast.
AND it's all conveniently available for you on the Affirmation Pod App!  Download today on the Apple or Google Play app store, and you can have the power of Affirmation Pod with you everywhere you go.
FAVORITE BONUS EPISODES INCLUDE Transitioning Home from Work to Your Family
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“Josie talks to you and sets a really positive tone for the day.” - Maria Hatzistefanis
"I found this blissful podcast in a harsh time in my life when I was going through a toxic breakup.  Josie really helped me work through that tough spot with self-care and recognition.  I have and always will recommend Josie's podcast to everyone.  There is so much knowledge and self love here." - Alexis Maclure
"Can’t get enough of Affirmation Pod. Thank you Josie!" - Nicole Chaput
"Affirmations in the morning are game changers. Affirmation Pod has hundreds o
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Soothing affirmations for every season of life. Live in self-love with Affirmation Pod! Special announcement coming soon!

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