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Ep 313: Taylor Tomlinson Goes to Space

Ep 313: Taylor Tomlinson Goes to Space

Tijd: 1:29:22
Bobby goes to church for porn. Taylor feels better but worse. We talk Inspiration 5 with Ms. Pat, calculated condom risks, Christian comedians, and a special message for @elonmusk.
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A no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla.
Every Wednesday.

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whooooo tiger belly is awesome

love it all.


You Guys are great!

Best podcast

So goooood

In support of ballpark six

Richie preaui
I love this podcast. It's honest, funny, and vulnerable. Also strangely enough its no filter approach interaction between mainly Bobby, Khalyla and Gilbert makes for interesting psychological insights for anyone who's paying attention. It's impossible to feel weird whilst listening to this podcast.
I've never written a review before for a podcast. But after listening to this last episode I just wanted show my support. I genuinely care for these people.
I hope bobby's father either recovers or passes with dignity. And I wish/hope bobby realizes he does have friends and that it's probably mostly an irrational fear. Chris sending him a photo of them is obviously a token of warmth. That's what I do to friends that I love. I'll send them pictures of us from old times.
I think it's sweet how Khalyla tries to keep her surroundings as harmonic as possible and still feels guilty when sticking up for what she thinks is right. Anyhoo, George has a pink dick. Hope this podcast lasts forever. Much love, Tito Sixma