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Yoga in the Library with Dr. Doraswamy

Yoga in the Library with Dr. Doraswamy

Reflecting on teaching using mindfulness practices
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Dr. Doraswamy teaches University of Alabama faculty and staff yoga techniques to manage the stress of the day-to-day academic life.
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UA Libraries is proud to present Guru Dr. Vasundahra Doraswamy for a series of workshops for faculty engaged in Teaching and Learning. Vasundhara Doraswamy is one of the pioneer disciples of renowned Shri Pattabhi Jois from Mysore in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and has earned a Ph. D for her research and thesis on the correlation between Yoga and Bharatanatyam. She teaches traditional dance and yoga in India during the academic year, and travels throughout the United States, performing traditional Indian dance and giving talks on yoga and meditation during the summer.


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