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Spoiler Alert: This Is An Episode About Twists And Spoilers (RECAST)

Spoiler Alert: This Is An Episode About Twists And Spoilers (RECAST)

Tijd: 47:06
This week we dive into the weird world of video game twists, and spoiler alert: there WILL be spoilers. First Ash leads us in a discussion on the controversy of spoilers in the gaming world. Then, Nathan takes us through a speed run on the history of the MGS2 twist. And finally, Fahey quizzes us on the most memorable video game twists via bullet points.
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Kotaku's Lisa Marie Segarra, Ethan Gach, and Michael Fahey dive into gaming one very specific topic at a time.

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Just started listening to the podcasts. Its really enjoyable and great to listen to. They cover all sorts of topics and not only games.

The bestest

Very enjoyable podcasts by my favorite gaming website. Jason and Kirk form a perfect pair to discuss the latest news in gaming, I love how they can bicker about everything. Still trying to go play Suikoden 2 ;)

Match made in heaven

Jason and Kirk form the perfect Starsky and Hutch of videogame podcasting. Hearing these guys bicker, talking about JRPG's and Destiny and getting to know their characters is a real treat. It's also their weak spot though, when one of 'm isn't around the episodes just aren't that funny and dynamic. Together they offer the best of what videogame podcasting has to offer. Truly enjoyable.