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324: Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

324: Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

2021 DC Squadcast - Media, Movies, TV, and Comics, Cinematic Film Universe (DCEU DCU DCCU DCTV DCUAOM)
Tijd: 32:04
In this episode Tim and Scott talk about Zack Snyder's recent teases about possible involvement in continuing the Justice League DC Films saga!
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This is the weekly show where we discuss the DC Extended Universe, including The Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, and all of the other upcoming DC Movies! We also talk about the DC TV and Animated Universes and some DC Comics and Video Game news as well! DCEU, DCCU, DCTV, DCAU, DCU, Video Games, and Comics!

Recensies van klanten

Positively entertaining and informative

Since there seems to be a sore lack of reviews in the Dutch iTunes Store, I figured I should fix that. I've been enjoying these two discuss the news and rumours surrounding the DC Films and TV universes for a while now and continue to be surprised by new insights and interpretations of the material coming out. The guys have a good eye and original thoughts to share, leading to some interesting speculation, while also digging through the clickbait and truly serving you what's been officially confirmed. They're very involved with their listeners, going so far as to indulge us with regular contests, and really appreciate all feedback. They pride themselves on their positivity and don't overly criticise Man of Steel or DC in general, things you may love, making them to me what true fans should be like. So join in the excitement for what is sure to be a huge year for comic book movies and follow along with all the source-checked info! Be sure to stick around for the very end of every episode ;)