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30 for Bedtime

30 for Bedtime

30-minute gentle practice to get you ready for rest or sleep
Tijd: 29:12
This is my practice equivalent of sleepy time tea. Stretches, Massage, Breath and Restorative Postures to get you ready for bed time. You’ll need something to sit on, a wall or chair, and maybe a bolster and whatever blankets and eye bags you like to use. (Gentle/30 Minutes)
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Practise yoga at home with sessions range from short and focused on specific regions of the body to full-length live classes from my teaching in London. Browse through the archives to find classes focusing on feet, outer hips, quads and hip flexors, shoulders, core and more! Students frequently use this resource to keep a practice going at home or while on vacation and away from their home studio. Enjoy this yoga podcast and let me know if you have any specific requests. Check out archives at
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