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S5 E9: Pachamama

S5 E9: Pachamama

Some people around the world are trying to protect the planet by infusing the law with Indigenous understandings of Mother Earth.
Tijd: 39:28
In several countries around the world, including Ecuador, New Zealand, and the U.S., some people are trying to protect the planet using a legal concept called “rights of nature” – infusing the law with Indigenous understandings of Mother Earth. Part 9 of The Repair, our series on the climate emergency.
Reported by Amy Westervelt and Polyglot Barbershop. Script editor, Cheryl Devall. Production and mix by John Biewen. Music in this episode by Lili Haydn, Kim Carroll, Chris Westlake, Lesley Barber, Cora Miron, and Fabian Almazan. Music consulting by Joe Augustine of Narrative Music.
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Releasedatum: 1-12-2021 14:45:00


Scene on Radio is a Peabody-nominated podcast that dives deeply into issues central to American society, exploring who we were and who we are. Recent many-part series include Seeing White, looking at the roots and meaning of white supremacy, and MEN, exploring the past and present of sexism and patriarchy. Produced and hosted by John Biewen, Scene on Radio comes from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University (CDS) and is distributed by PRX.

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Season 2 - Insightful exploration of systemic racism

I started with and tore through the second season. Lots of insights and things to think about, including how they apply in my own country. The show itself is well done and really well edited. Thank you for doing this.

Seeing White (season 2): Very Informative!

Thanks so much for creating this series. I’m from The Netherlands and learnt so much about whiteness and enslavement etc in the US. I’m going to recommend this podcast season far and wide!

Interesting, in depth exploration of American life

la Vie c'est Belle
I started listening to the whiteness series of this podcast. Very interesting, arresting, funny, painful, and enlightening. Absolutely recommend every white person, not just in America!, to listen.