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David Rosen

David Rosen

Jungian analyst, author and psychiatrist David H. Rosen, M.D. on his books, Transforming Depression, The Tao of Jung, and The Tao of Elvlis
Tijd: 53:54
We discuss the positive aspect of depression and how creative acts can help one out of their depression, Dr. Rosen's concept of 'egocide' as an alternative to suicide, Taoism in the lives of C.G. Jung and Elvis Presley, Betty Ford, The Alchemy of Cooking, and a whole lot more.
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Releasedatum: 27-9-2021 23:10:39


A unique podcast exploring the life and work of C.G. Jung through in-depth discussions with Jungian analysts. Created and hosted by Laura London in Chicago.

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