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Square Peg

Square Peg

In this episode, Nancy recounts a story of a moment where she didn't feel like she fit in her surroundings at all, but was able to find a very solid moment of connection with her inner voice of self-loyalty. Nancy shares a conversation with her...
Tijd: 24:28
Listen to this episode to hear:
How to separate the voice of the Biggest Fan from the Monger and the BFF.
How to accept your own square peg style.
How to use moments of connection to tap into the voice of the Biggest Fan.
Nancy shares a conversation with her childhood pastor, and friend, Gary Ritts
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Releasedatum: 13-8-2021 12:08:42


Ever feel like the world would fall apart around you if you took a minute to rest? That’s High Functioning Anxiety and it’s a not-so-secret secret that women like you live with every day. The Happier Approach presents an alternative to the overdoing, overthinking, and over-performing. Join Nancy Jane Smith as she shares the tools she’s created as a licensed professional counselor and coach specializing in women with High Functioning Anxiety to find a life full of the love, laughter, ease, and happiness you deserve.

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