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Upgrading Your SQL Server

Upgrading Your SQL Server

The SQL Data Partners Podcast co-hosts chat about upgrading your SQL Server, when to do it, how to make it a little easier, and how to find help.
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SQL Server 2012 is end of life later this year.  I feel too young for this to be happening—it seems like only last year SQL Server 2005 came out.  In this episode of the podcast, we talk about upgrading your SQL Server.  We share some concepts, gotchas, war stories, situations we want to avoid, how to access license keys in Azure, and a few other migration nuggets we’ve learned along the way.
The show notes and video for today's episode can be found at Have fun on the SQL Trail!
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Hosted by Carlos L Chacon, the SQL Data Partners Podcast focuses on Microsoft data platform related topics mixed with a sprinkling of professional development. Carlos and guests discuss new and familiar features and ideas and how you might apply them in your environments. Visit our website for episode show notes at and leave a comment if you have a topic you think we should discuss. We’ll see YOU on the SQL Trail.

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