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I talk about my reasons for stopping production on episodes.
Tijd: 17:04
This isn’t the easiest thing to do. Now that I’m writing the podcast post after recording and editing the podcast, I have a sense of relief. For the last month plus, I’ve tried to decide whether or not to shut down the podcast. The fact that it took this long to record a final episode tells me that it was time. I wrote about my reasoning in a blog post on the main page. This may or may not be the end. That largely depends on if someone would like to pick up the podcast and produce it themselves. I’d love to guide and mentor someone on the journey.
The podcast has been beneficial to me and the many people who have reached out providing appreciative feedback. I’d love to see it continue. I’m also content that this is the end of the podcast. I will be at BSides Nashville shooting pictures and very likely be at DEFCON manning the Social Engineering door. Come see high or reach out to me on social media (@TimothyDeBlock) or email (timothy[.]deblock[@]gmail[.]com).
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