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How A Quilt Makes A Home with Jen Kingwell

How A Quilt Makes A Home with Jen Kingwell

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I've wanted to interview many Australian designers but haven't been able to make the difference in time zones work.  Until now!  You're about to hear my conversation with Jen Kingwell, fabric and pattern designer, quilter, and now author.  She's just written a book called Quilt Recipes, and I fell in love with the gorgeous photos showing how her quilts are used in interiors.  Not only can you follow her patterns and design ideas to make your own quilts from this book, she also includes recipes from her mom who was a terrific baker.  When you think about it, it's the perfect combination for a cozy winter day... curling up with a soft handmade quilt and a sweet treat.  You'll have to check out the photos on the show notes page of this episode to really get a sense of the feeling this book has inspired in me!  Ok, here's Jen.
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