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Episode 86 - Lucas Pope (Papers, Please / Return of the Obra Dinn)

Episode 86 - Lucas Pope (Papers, Please / Return of the Obra Dinn)

Joining Liam this week to “officially” kick off 2…
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Joining Liam this week to “officially” kick off 2019 with this year’s first episode is Papers, Please and Return of the Obra Dinn’s incredibly smart and lovely creator, Mr. Lucas Pope.
After bugging him for 2 years, Liam finally landed him on the show and it turned out to be worth the wait. Both of them discuss intricate changes to and the development of Obra Dinn. Whilst also discussing Lucas’ 8 games and a lot about riding Dinosaurs! If you like FG or Lucas’ games you better not miss this episode! Enjoy :D
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Lucas Pope:
Please go check out Craig's excellent music on Soundcloud! Thank you to him for his excellent intro!
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Final Games is a podcast about the games that inspired us. Host, Liam Edwards is joined by various different game developers, game journalists and industry veterans to talk about the games that they'd choose to play for the rest of their lives.
Liam's guests are stranded in a hypothetical deserted place and can only choose eight games to play for the rest of their lives, what do they choose and why? Why are these games so important to our guests? What about these games inspired them to work in the industry or help them on the path to where they are today!
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