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Ep 315: Charity Shop Showcase

Ep 315: Charity Shop Showcase

Every now and then it’s good to change things up …
Tijd: 1:47:48
Every now and then it’s good to change things up and break free from the old routine, and Paul is excited to do that this week, because he has a brand-new segment to show off. He’s called it the “Charity Shop Showcase” and allows them the chance to talk about charity shop items that may not fit into the show’s usual fun and games. Eli admits it’s a strong new segment, but the merriment won’t last long. There’s also some brand-new sodas to try out and this week it’s an international affair with drinks from Denmark, China and Russia. Which one will be top of the pops? Finally, it’s time to tackle a bugbear of Paul’s (one of MANY this episode) as CheapShow takes on the “Bread” board game. A game based on a 1980s BBC sitcom that you will soon discover Paul has some major problems with. Will the game kill Paul and Eli’s faith in humanity? Spoilers: Yes.
Happy New Year!
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CheapShow is a comedy podcast all about getting the very best out of the worst! Be it Poundlands, Charity Shops, Car Boot Sales or Bargain Bins, hosts Paul Gannon & Eli Silverman poke around in the corners of the high streets and internet to find treasure in the trash.
One week it could be a studio based show, the next, a live comedy event. It could even be a location report or a scripted adventure! A few things it is, however, is rude, crude, silly and drizzled in pop culture, nostalgia and plenty of verbal violence!
It has guests, videos, songs, reviews, games and dares. We apologise in advance!

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